Post Secondary Planning

Students in their last year of high school need to be able to set goals and plan for the future.

In order to support education and career/life planning students investigate various aspects of themselves as they relate to their current learning and future planning by addressing several key questions.

Therefore students need to register for different seminars, field trips and workshops that we orgzanise from our department.

On this page students will find:

  • Grade 12 Seminars/workshops- Post-secondary processes and procedures

  • Apprenticeship, College and University Fair Information

  • Personal appointments to support program planning

  • Timelines for grade 12 students

  • Personal counselling to meet student needs




Transition to Post Secondary:

Apprenticeship links:

College links:

University links:

Workplace links:

Other links:


Gap Year

The gap year—taking a year off school to work, travel or volunteer. A Statistics Canada survey of about 8,500 high school graduates from 2000 to 2008 found that just 50 per cent had started college or university within the usual three months; 73 per cent had begun in a year’s time; and by 28 months after graduation, 81 per cent of students were attending a post-secondary school. Here are some websites that may help you find out more about this choice:

My Gap Year

Volunteer in your gap year

Gap year ideas and activities