Community Involvement

Graduation Requirement

Every student who begins secondary school must complete a minimum of forty (40) hours of community involvement activities as a graduation requirement..

New for 2020-2021 School year ONLY!

HDSB main page - information specific to 20/21

JUST for this year students can:

October 2020 update: the Ministry of Education has indicated that students graduating in the 2020-2021 school year must complete 20, not 40, hours community service.

1) Use duties performed at home (i.e. walking a younger sibling to school etc.)

2) Students aged 14 years and older can count up to a maximum of 10 hours (TEN only) from paid employment towards their earned hours at the discretion of the principal/Guidance Staff.


The purpose of the community involvement requirement is to encourage students to develop awareness and understanding of civic responsibility and of the role they can play and the contributions they can make in supporting and strengthening their communities. The community involvement requirement is also an opportunity to celebrate the many contributions that our young people make in their communities.


Students may begin accumulating hours during the summer before they enter Grade 9. It is recommended that students complete their 40 hours by the end of Grade 10, or before they start working part time. These activities must be completed outside scheduled class time; they must not be part of a credit course; they must be unpaid activities; they must total a minimum of forty hours; and they must be completed by the end of grade twelve.

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