Halton Food for THought


We would like to thank Halton Food For Thought and President's Choice Children's Charity grants for all their support for students at Acton High School.

Halton Food for Thought (HFFT) is proud to partner with Food for Life (FFL) to provide Halton elementary and secondary students universal access to nutritious, perishable, and non-perishable food to fuel their learning. We will provide weekly HFFT Healthy Student Snack Bags that consist of a minimum of 3 nutritious snacks per student per school day, e.g. (fresh fruit, cheese, granola bars). There is no fee or registration required.



Donated to Acton District School Scholarships & Bursaries $21,850

Funding at Acton District High School consists of three $5,000 Scholarships and five $1,000 Bursaries. Funding also supports a small breakfast program which helps ensure no student goes to class hungry.

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