Information & Communications Technology SHSM 

Program Lead: Ms. Lauren Hayes   (


Information & communications technology (ICT) is increasingly becoming an essential part of many industries, required to save time and increase efficiency, advance technology and innovation, for electronic access to finances or online shopping, or creativity, marketing, and communication. ICT includes both the hardware and information technology skills, as well as creative, communications and graphic arts expertise. The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program in Information & Communications Technology (ICT) gives students an opportunity to specialize, gain qualifications, and plan a career pathway in various areas of the ICT sector. 

Acton District School offers the information and communications technology program, with particular streams on photography and associated careers and includes a sampling of other ICT technology such as video and design. Our goal is to help students interested in the ICT industry to gain certifications and experience that will help them in post-secondary and the workforce.. Our focus is to help students interested in the entertainment industry to gain certifications and experience that will help them in postsecondary and the workforce. 

Watch a video about the program and hear from our students!

What Classes Will I Take? 

Four credits related to Information & Communication Technology

Possible credits include:

4 Supporting Credits 

These courses can be at the University (U), University/College (M), College (C) or Workplace (E) Level.

Who should take this SHSM?

Anyone with an interest in photography and learning new technologies. Students will participate in hands-on experiential learning, meet and learn from people working in the Information and Communications sector and will explore a variety of technology mediums.

Almost everything is offered at no cost to students (there may be minor exceptions). 

See "Transportation to Acton SHSM" below for information about joining this program as a non-Acton District student. 

Transportation to Acton SHSM Programs

Students attending Northern HDSB schools (Milton, Georgetown, Acton) are eligible to attend SHSM programming at any Northern school. Students can stay in their home school to take classes connected to their SHSM and will join their SHSM co-hort on experiential learning days. The transportation to SHSM events will be provided for those experiential days. 

For more information please see the HDSB Transportation Policy here. 

Bearcat recycle Rack

Students will learn how to effectively photograph merchandise and gain e-commerce experience through running a digital Instagram store. This is a current project that is just getting started, so keep your eyes on our school social media for more information. 

Field Trips 

Toronto Metropolitan University

Learn about post-secondary options in the ICT field. Speak to students and professors. Have the opportunity to explore the campus. 

Ripley's Aquarium

Visit Ripley's Aquarium of Canada to gain wildlife photography experience

Kensington Market

Visit Kensington Market in downtown Toronto to gain photojournalism experience documenting the busy historic market.

Cactus Sewing Studio

Visit a costume studio in Toronto to learn about the creation of wardrobe for Film and Television.

Forensic Photography

Officer Kris David visited Acton to share his experiences working as a forensics photographer. Students will have the opportunity to gather and process evidence while working in a simulated crime scene. This work is done through a forensic photography point of view.