Business Studies

Business in the School

DECA Business Club: DECA is an international business club that is very popular in Ontario. See for more information. We start each year in September and run through to February.

ABC Company

ABC Company, a project for students in Grade 10 Business is in its 6th year. Students can receive up to $2000 to run their OWN business each summer with mentorship from business owners and employees in Halton Hills. It runs in 2nd semester of - starting March 2020. This year it will be open to students in Grades 9-11.


The courses offered by the Business Studies Department are:

Grade 10 - Introduction to Business

- A course which introduces students to the fundamentals of all business studies courses. Students will also explore finance topics, functions of a business including accounting and marketing, and entrepreneurship. Some of the projects in this course include Big Corporation Ethics, Accounting Monopoly, and ABC Company with the Region of Halton, Chamber of Commerce and Acton BIA.

Grade 11 Marketing

- A course which looks in depth at the functions performed by Marketing Departments and Businesses. Students will look at the 4Ps in detail as well as consumer behaviour and current ethical issues. Some projects for the course include facilitating school-wide focus groups, branding the school store, taste tests, and the development of a marketing plan.

Grade 11 and 12 Accounting

- Students will begin by exploring fundamental concepts such as categories of accounts and journal entries. They will progress through the entire accounting cycle by concluding with financial statement creation. The Grade 12 course utilizes the information from the Grade 11 Course to perform financial analysis on real world companies. Students will work in Quickbooks Accounting software to provide real-world applicability and look at developing their own company as well.

Grade 12 International Business

- Students will explore business outside of the Canadian borders as most business crosses national lines in the Global Economy. The course looks at fundamentals such as the calculations of GDP and currency exchange rates as well as cultural, ethical and marketing concerns of international business. Some projects include ethical debates, international product creation as well as developing skills through case studies.