Family Studies

Courses offered in Family Studies

In Family Studies, students learn hands-on, practical skills that they will use far beyond the classroom. Students in our courses will study nutrition and healthy living, cultural diversity, environmental sustainability or will explore working with infants and young children .

Food And Nutrition

Course Code – HFN2O1

Pathway– Grade 10, Open

Course Description – This course explores the factors that affect attitudes and decisions about food and examines current issues of body image and food marketing. Students learn how to make wise food choices and to prepare foods, and will investigate our Canadian food heritage and food industries, as well as global food issues. The course also introduces students to research skills related to food and nutrition.

Working with Infants and Young Children

Course Code – HPW3C1

Pathway– Grade 11, College

Course Description – This course focuses on the well-being of children in families and community settings. Students will study child behaviour and child development in the context of relationships with parents and others in the community, and will learn through research and by observing and interacting with children. This course prepares students for further study of children, familiarizes them with occupational opportunities related to working with children, and introduces them to skills used in researching and investigating children’s behaviour in response to others.

Nutrition and Health

Course Code – HFA4U1

Pathway– Grade 12, University

Course Description – This course examines various nutritional, psychological, social, cultural, and global factors that influence people’s food choices and customs. Students will learn about current Canadian and worldwide issues related to food, frameworks for making appropriate dietary choices, and food preparation techniques. This course also refines students’ skills used in researching and investigating issues related to food and nutrition.

Prerequisites – ANY U, M or C preparation course in Social Sciences and Humanities, English or Canadian and World Studies

Food and Culture

Course Code - HFC3M1

Pathway - Grade 11, College/University

Course Description - This course focuses on the flavours, aromas, cooking techniques, foods, and cultural traditions of world cuisines. Students will explore the origins of and developments in diverse food traditions. They will demonstrate the ability to cook with ingredients and equipment from a variety of cultures, compare food-related etiquette in many countries and cultures, and explain how Canadian food choices and traditions have been influenced by other cultures. Students will develop practical skills and apply social science research methods while investigating foods and food practices from around the world.

Understanding Fashion

Course Code - HNC3C1

Pathway - Grade 11, College

Course Description - This course introduces students to the world of fashion. Students will gain an understanding of theories related to fashion trends and of how culture, media, fashion cycles, retailing, and social and environmental factors influence fashion trends and consumer behaviour. Students will use various tools, technologies, and techniques safely and correctly to create fashion items. In addition, students will apply knowledge of fibres, fabrics, and the elements and principles of design when creating and assessing fashion-related products. Students will develop research skills as they investigate topics related to fashion.