Agricultural SHSM

AGRICULTURAL SHSM Specialist High Skills Major Program

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Interviews/Spots available for the AGRICULTURAL SHSM

If you're interested in our AGRICULTURE SHSM program. Contact your Guidance office, show an interest in your myBlueprint account (under the High School section)


This program will utilize experiential opportunities, including co-op placements, to promote student learning in animal science, crop science, wellness & healthy living, farming practices and participation in the local agricultural community. The program focus will include career exploration in the following areas of study: Farming, veterinary technology, animal science, plant science, food, equine studies and the environment.

The Credits Students must take 4 focus courses from the table below:

Science, Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry,

Food & World, Food & Nutritional Science, Environment & Resource Mg't

Technology, Construction, Transportation,

These courses can be at the University (U), University/College (M), College (C) or Workplace (E) Level.

In addition to the 4 focus courses, they must also take:

1 Grade 11 English (ENG 3C/3U/3E or NBE 3C/3U/3E)

1 Grade 11 Math (MEL 3E or MBF 3C or MCF 3M or MCR 3U)

1 Supporting credit (SBI 3C, SBI 3U, SCH 3U, SCH 4C, BMI 3C1, BMX 3E, BAF 3M, SVN 3E, or 1 credit in a Co-op related to Agriculture)*

2 Co-operative Education credits (Placements should be completed with a company/opportunity close to student's home in order to get there on a daily basis)

Coop Placement hosts :

McCarthur's Farms - Cash crop farm

Fallbrook Farm - horse trail ride centre

Blooms Away - florist

Whole Circle Farm - biodynamic organic farm

SEMEX - livestock genetics company

Strongs - horse training facility

Ideal Training Centre - horse training facility

Premiere Equipment - John Deere Dealership

Bilt Canada - construction company

Northfield Stables - horse boarding facility

Minshalls - Horse breeding facility

Milton Equine Hospital - referal hospital for horses

Greenhawk - tack store

Transportation to Acton District School

Please review the HDSB's Transportation Policy here.

Who would take this SHSM

ANYONE! We've learned that if you want a job, there is one waiting for you in the Agriculture industry.

Check out:

Almost everything mentioned above is at no cost (with minor exceptions) to the students.

Link to Halton Pathways Agriculture site.